The noteables

"the guys that make people want to join a choir" - Deke Sharon, Pitch Perfect

Away for so long!

Naughty Noteables! We've been up to lots of things and haven't updated our here is a quick rundown:

February - we sang at a fundraiser for Switchboard, in the amazing Gresham Centre and we sang at the What's On Stage Awards, yet another West End performance for us :)

January - we did a secret thing........

December - we sang around the Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square and sang at a fundraiser for the lovely Mayhew Dogs Trust

November - we performed at the Hippodrome again in aid of Global's Make Some Noise, a charity which helps disadvantaged children and young people. We raised a Whopping £1,200!!

Voices Now Festival

This weekend The Noteables are heading to Camden. We are taking part in some of the workshops that are happening as part of the Voices Now Festival which is at the Roundhouse all weekend. Beatboxing and body percussion if you must know! 

Then we are taking to the stage at 7pm on Sunday. Come along for a listen!

The bowties are BACK!

We did it!!! Pitch Battle

We sang on national television and didn't make a total show of ourselves! Thank you so much for all your lovely supportive messages, as you could probably tell, we had the time of our lives and got so much from being part of Pitch Battle. Our soprano Laila has written this amazing blog on the experience which sums it up pretty well.

We've loads of pictures of the backstage nonsense as well as some screen grabs of us doing our thing on our Facebook pages but here is a shot of us looking moody, walking down a random street in the Isle of Dogs. As you do.

Fancy joining The Noteables?

Do you fancy joining the Noteables? Well, you are in luck as we are having an open audition evening on Monday 10th July.

Come along, have a sing with us. It'll be fun. Drop us an email if you'd like to sign up.

We like singing, bow ties, gin, karaoke & each other.

£1,100 raised for Global's Make Some Noise!!!

Thank you to everyone who came to support us The Hippodrome Casino last night. MEGA thanks to our guests: Brendan Patricks, Rob Thomas, Quizcats and Orlando Seale.  Thank you all is helping us raise £1,100 for Global’s Make Some Noise charity.

The Noteables finally make our West End stage debut!